Yi Won on the right side and Sora her sister on the left side, South Korea
Yi Won on the right side and Sora her sister on the left side, South Korea

Yi Won

Index of poets for the year 2050

Cyborg 001: A character that defends the lyric poem. Center of power. Robot under exclusive contract that always takes care of the final inspection of best-selling poetry.

Cyborg 002: Does multigenre sidework under the alias of Battle Cyborg. The best electronic brain operated on for neural reconstruction. Hot-blooded but its aesthetic sense is superb. Active during normal times as a racer in the orbit of the asteroid Vesta

Cyborg 003: Specializes in repair. Radio wave detection. With outstanding radar it records and regenerates great amounts of information. Its special skill is fine tuning of the internal structure of poems and often conflicts with cyborg 002. A bisexual with which many are known to be secretly acquainted.

Cyborg 004: Manages a homepage with cyborg 003 that offers poems and all sorts of information about poetry transmitted from various planets.

Cyborg 005: Has the ability to foresee the publishing market. Coordinated with best-seller cycles it completes poetry books in short periods of time. Is capable of amalgamating its body with cyborg 001 and transforming into cyborg 001. Generally serves every three years as the core of the publishing market.

Cyborg 006: Woman cyborg that has at her command death-dealing weapon of hacking into human souls. however every time it uses this weapon its lifespan decreases five years. Anxiously orbits cyborg 008.

Cyborg 007: Directly operates the major poetry factories. Manages large-unit direct-sales center together with high-volume production on several planets. Handles not only sales of ready-made goods but also special-order items. Employing robots with diverse sensibilities it devises comprehensive strategies for differentiating itself from smaller enterprises.

Cyborg 008: Agonizing cyborg. Idealist who dreams up disquieting, subversive language. While sojourning half the year or more away from earth on a star sinks itself in diverse linguistic experiments and publishes only difficult poems that are used for fits of mania.

Cyborg 009: Mysterious existence about which nothing is known aside from its published poems. There are rumors that its body freely amalgamates and transforms.

Cyborg 010: Poetry and criticism as side jobs. Even while copiously publishing pieces in every kind of journal that predict the endings of poems, tirelessly writes antiquated lyric poetry. Seeks out fun while roving between female cyborgs

(Remaining parts to be published later.)

Translated by Walter K. lew
© All rights reserved to the author and translator