Antjie Krog, South Africa
Antjie Krog, South Africa

Antjie Krog

What the stars say?


The stars take your heart
because the stars aren't the least bit hungry for you!
the stars exchange your heart for the heart of a star
the stars take your heart and feed you the heart of a star
then you'll never be hungry again

because the stars say: 'Tsau! Tsau!'
and the bushmen say the stars curse the springbok's eyes
the stars say: 'Tsau!' they say: 'Tsau! Tsau!'
they curse the springbok's eyes
I grew up listening the stars the stars say: 'Tsau! Tsau!'

it's always summer when you hear the stars saying Tsau

Translated from Afrikaans by Richard Jürgens
© All rights reserved to the author and translator