All at once a beautiful flame was formed

(poem 6 of 32)

All at once a beautiful flame was formed
Releasing sexual tension
After tomorrow we'll be thrown into crisis, there is time to prepare ourselves
Closed circles increase, the page goes blue
Scribbled drawings reflect the (closed) psyche, demanding to open
At once the page tears itself
For instance, this morning I went out to the pasture, played the flute for the sheep and they dispersed to all sides
A high place at the foot of a mountain
Also tomorrow I'll come to contemplate on the subject of
(A womb absorbs the unfertilizing sperm)
Thirty-two times I have celebrated an unhappy birthday
And this time will be different

It is within me, I should only ---
Saucers of light, all or nothing
And winter steam rises from a cup of coffee
Near the warmth, near the knees
(In Villa 6)
I have nothing

The form of the hand fills the room
The want swallows me, fills another part
I wrote then: "My heart is pressed by sorrow
Marked with a tattoo"
The corridor and rooms are swallowed by dark
I wrote then: "A little light expels much darkness"
That was a workshop for remodifying pain

This is the first step I made
To break the passivity of our nights:
I prepared apple-pie and coffee.
I, Dominique, stranger and solitary, walk downstairs
Joy, from afar, suddenly opens my face
I go to the post-office-box and find myself in letters from a forgotten beloved

Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion,