The chemical substance which produces milk in the breasts

(poem 27 of 32)

The chemical substance which produces milk in the breasts
Is the chemical substance which produces tears in the eyes
It is the selfsame substance
When the need to embrace wakes up and there is no one to embrace
The substance, which wakes the need to embrace, turns into tears -
This is an emotional cry expressing pain, loss, want

Thus, drowsily, words that reach me from the broadcast university
Suddenly press my first nervous stamping
I hear "fear of abandonment", "fear of being swallowed"
And that the psychologists are very occupied with this fear
In particular with the fear of abandonment -
So tell me what has turned me into a bereaved bear
And how will you console me
Will the snow cool the boiling pain?

I hear these words in the radio (love, rage)
And I am cocked at once (like a bullet in a gun)
Aiming at a partridge (who wanders through the book)
Seemingly, she destined for roasting on the altar
That will atone and cleanse my bleeding wound.
With my companions I take shots at her.
Here she lies and doesn't breathe anymore
Here, the wound in my breast is gaping in her body

* The chemical substance mentioned above is Prolektin (hormone).

Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion,