Also the fruit also the psyche also the sex

(poem 26 of 32)

Also the fruit also the psyche also the sex
Are split, it means half-love and half-hate,
The right half and the left one
Symbolically, even the mirror reflecting my image
Is bisected, because of a real crack

Hands and eyes and breasts are half-right half-left
Half my life is behind
Half my life is up front
The half that wishes to die and the half which is proud
One half worships God and the other worships the dark

My voice has been divided and it speaks with two tongues
Half-love half-hate
My tongue depends on memory (which composes its words)
Half-memory is warm, half-memory stores betrayal
Half-psychologist is generous, and a half ---

One hand bestows and one hand defends itself
The whole moon is broken apart
But nothing will destroy the moon
Cosmic rules of round and movement and open holes
Apply to the psyche (my psyche) ---

For reinforcing the hollow bones of the psyche
Half-Shulamith is offering calcium
And half-Shulamith has already faded
And all this is a wholeness of one star
One heavenly body called by my tongue: I

Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion,