I have gathered myself into a rosy bag

(poem 25 of 32)

I have gathered myself into a rosy bag
What shall I do with it
(The phone will ring in a room
In which I will not be
For I will run along a narrowing road
To inquire what the target is)
Dawn also (rosy like a bag)
Will go and disperse and the heavy stone that is for months in my heart
Will melt away and away, I will shout, I shouted a loud cry of joy

I danced around the flame in the middle of the floor
"Long before, I wanted to set me on fire and here is the fire"
A thought passed through my mind
The room had a center
I spun in circles
I have learned about the physical chaos
And that the structure of cosmos and the structure of psyche
Reflect one another
(If we cannot learn directly about the psyche
We may learn about it through the cosmos)

And vice versa
Now my psyche is integrated
(The hole which opened within and was screaming
Now closed)
Now I am a whole star
Now the bomb has wandered away from me
And I dance at night
The healing dance

Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion, http://dapim.net