What does it mean?

(poem 24 of 32)

What does it mean?
I dreamt about Beit-Berl
Which is a large prison
(I don't remember what)
Rising early to the rainy road
Tearing off the web of sleep
And bearing the cross on shoulders

2.1 times I have been swept into error
Which left me no choice but to curse
Evildoers without injustice in my hands

Until I walked down into a pit
To sip fresh water as my fathers and mothers
And as my brothers, the children of Israel, who still live
In the desert

From afar your voice came
To refresh my parched lip
My hands shake while breaking the lock
And while returning I find a heated room and a bed
And the dreams are arranged in the book of dreams.
On one page I did read: "a nightmare is an unsuccessful dream"

And now I have twelve hours
And should saddle myself like a horse

* Beit-Berl is a college, where I completed my studies in librarianship.

Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion, http://dapim.net