My nipples, my breasts, my legs, my fingers

(poem 17 of 32)

My nipples, my breasts, my legs, my fingers
My head, my thoughts, split of my thoughts
My morning, my trembling, my blood (my half-body)
My moon is hung upon my head, the floor
(My inner psychologist) the key for processing my pain

My horizonline, my somewhere
A little point of mine, in my center, explosive of mine
A book of mine, dream of mine, reality of mine
An (apple) tree of mine, cosmos of mine, my Lord, I
Heroes of mine, poets of mine, diplomats
And particularly, failures of mine (in) my party turn into victory
Verbs and roots of mine, tendency and purpose
(Particles of) conjunction and relation, loneliness of mine

Turning point, breaking point of mine
From here my wilderness starts
All I have learned turns into psychic energy
In order to cross my wilderness
To gather my mines and explode them
In a safe place
I turn on the light upon my entity, and write my poems

(And) my sore evils, my patterns
My wild darkness, aquarelle of fog
It will rain into my tomorrow
My very soul, my solitary one, I will take you to my doctor
In my Villa 6, the empathy of (my) psychologist
In my college, my wholeness,
My relations that should be loosened
My relations that should be exploded

My psychologist who should be exchanged with a torn cat
(Because she is dead for me)
The wicker chair and my letter
My casting, the broken gypsum, the names
My rage (which) has been so painful
I called my firemen
I covered myself with my blanket and wrapped me
(And all my wants are cancelled at once)
Canals of mine and bridges of mine, stretched hands of mine
Upon (my) roofs like a figure of Chagall
A model of a synagogue, a model of a temple, like the shape of my body
Dialectical tension of mine, presence of mine and wants

Theological composition of mine is written among my walls
The psyche is glass of mine cutting my feet
In the middle of my period my time has been bisected

(The psyche is) a flamingo of mine caged in a zoo
An ivory box of mine
For pieces of fantasies
With a knife

Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion,