On the road-side to Beit-Berl

(poem 16 of 32)

On the road-side to Beit-Berl a torn cat was laid
for many days. Many days she was laid there
As if wanting to tell me something.
During the time I fraternized with her, have greeted her
Whenever I passed by her, estimating the growth of death
Within her body.
At that time my soul was bitter, torn in itself.
I said to myself that you are dead and here you are embodied within her.
I have greeted you whenever I passed by.
Thus, a torn cat by the road-side to Beit-Berl helped me
To complete the ceremony of parting.

At one point on this main road I always saw you
A run-over cat symbolized the psychic side
In the deeper and darker stratum the matches were found
To set the darkness on fire and to scar the landscape with percents of disability
Extroverted feelings won't quail at murder
And a door is scratching and darkness offers a momentary shelter
Since all is open, there is nothing to hide behind
And nothing to cover-up

Suddenly (and gradually) a house is growing amid nature
And a psychologist is helping me to build my body

* Beit-Berl is a college, where I completed my studies in librarianship.

Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion, http://osher.in