Lo, I confound age with age
And scribe line upon line

Lo, I confound the ages, the words and the deeds
Everything has become infected, shake yourself, arise,
Go back to the starting point
And I will send you on another journey.
Lo, I am giving you a new heart
And your old heart which still bleeds
Wrap it up in newspaper, cast it into the trash can
I am giving you a new heart.
Your old brain, smash it on the highway
I will inject new thoughts into you
That will intertwine from within a bountiful tree
Uproot the corrupted tree and cast it out.
In time of danger you may spread your arms
And fly to see the world from above
But look not downward lest the earth draw you in.
Lo, I am giving you two new sacks for breathing air
And countenance and sign of the covenant
And this is the word of the covenant between me and you
Here he shut out and did not interpret and his voice faded
As line upon line.

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Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion