I read in an ancient book

I read in an ancient book in order to find a possible reply
That did not appear to me in another place
The book is also a place like a house in the village
About fulfilling the religious commandments, we render thanks to you,
praise and amend and glorify before you
O King, splendid in holiness, mighty in grandeur
A sound of psaltery I cause you to hear
To guard my body, my home, and to tremble a chord of youthful love within you
O Lord my God

Look into the desolation of mental and material conditions
And fill the hollows that are yawning before you
Friend of worldly light

The metaphysical light shines upon things and unpronounciable words:
Come and overflow me, make a conversion within me
Convert my heart into loving and serving you
Utter desire, utter Shabbath
And remove from me all the peel and unclean parts
Flood the room where you sit in worry
Word by word you are built and you yourself are an excavation site
Also simple souvenirs from our own period

Shall I not be negative and shall I not negate your existence
Light of the heavens that is hidden in the core

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Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion