In several places within the book

In several places within the book and out
Light has spread over the writing and beyond
And I imagined No'am ---
I talked to myself and said "Come"

I who am imprisoned in the time which grows old
The time which bends
Now erecting my head to kill a fictitious creature
At this very moment, absolute present,

I knew and already do not know
I joined the light birds and now my feet are bound

How things become connected and a dream comes clear
And a place is left and a place is settled
(A process of pacification, purification, separation and beginning)
And I sit in a place of books
And open a book, saying:
The ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun
And in the tombs of the embalmed kings, songs of praise were found
In a small jar, perfumed oil was found
Which was produced from rare plants on the bank of the sun
An ancient Egyptian snake is now shedding its skin
Preparing itself for rebirth

(Hebrew) Literaly: pleasance, also a name of a person.

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Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion