I will rejoice in one sunbeam cut-off from the sun

I will rejoice in one sunbeam cut-off from the sun
And I will come into the cellar to sip of the heavy wine
The book is sometimes difficult - a young lion in the miraculous work of God -
And in the command-post there are coffins as well as my own
Do not bury me with the remainder

Beyond the lit-up area and beyond the range of dreams
The curse of all things was fired at me
I wish to stay and feel the reported radiance
And as in the film and not in the solitary era
To go away from here ---
But Unifeld claims ---
That there is need to enforce the defenceless sea and guard the beauty
Against the scheming of evil-devisers within a range of thirty kilometres
The poison has penetrated into the inner stratum
And the next time that I jump thirty metres from a hotel roof

Render me to the deep ponds ---
And the same legendary animal will accompany me to an island.
I succeeded most in denying myself
By the secrets of the ancient library that I explored in my sleep

And I have no power to tell you how much
The polished sea flows and ebbs
In the moonlight which creates mystery
Between the bulges and hollows a neutral happiness is printed
And its pure light floods our suffering

With a ruler you will open windows into a moderate morning, in the landscape.
I stage myself below a bed of needles
And forest fruits, black and red, are within reach.

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Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion