He who sees oil in the dream

He who sees oil in his dream - it is a good sign for him
He who sees oil being spilled in his dream - it means trouble for him
And will fast on that day

He who sees a tooth fallen in his dream - it is a sign of danger
And will interpret his dream in front of three lovers
He who sees banknotes in the dream - it is a sign of riches
And will give a penny for charity to confirm his affluence
And Hashem blessed be Him can be trusted to pay you for your bad deeds
As for your virtuous deeds

He who sees a sun or a moon in his dream - it is a sign of hidden light
He who is wakened and his spirit is low will abstain from food and drink on that day
For making his way to the light through holiness and purity
And there was evening and there was morning one day, Wednesday ---

He who sees a cow in his dream, he who wakes and hears rain falling outside his window
He who wakes and his face is washed with tears, and his body after orgasm
He who sees he was treated cruelly, he who sees himself cruel
He who sees himself awakened and his mate is not beside him
He who sees that he owes money and the creditors are coming
In brief, if he sees trouble, he will beg forgiveness
And still it is the same day, Wednesday ---

(Hebrew) Literally: the Name, and intends to the name of the Lord.

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Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion