And the skies are a bright speculum

And the skies are a bright speculum sown with sparks
And a liquid mirror flooded with the summer sun
And from the skies will echo the reply of the hallucinated God
For sounds and syllables did not even robe the figure of the voice
And the echo of Shaday's voice cuts the air
And heaven and earth come close and kiss
A love affair that is still conflictual
A deep cut which does not join together in the flesh
And the falling goes on and on
I lift up my face unto the skies to weaken the power of the depth
And to seek complete recovery
May this be thy will

(Hebrew) One of the names of the Lord. The origin of the word is not certain. One possible origin is "Shad" that is translated into "breast", and the meaning is that the Lord is the source of abundance and, like a mother, He nourishes the world (according to Even-Shoshan Dictionary).

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Translated from the Hebrew by the author, © 1996 Ella Bat-Tsion