In the end and always

And when I shall be holy

A religious trip comes over

As much as you travel

In the secret of the End

My parcel of Heaven

What is the dream of God?

Lo, I confound age with age

The break of day is fateful

And the skies are a bright

By looking at the cradle

You shout because you're hurt

The sound of water

Page viii in Book of God's Dreams

As a continuation of

In book xxii I was an open pitcher

I turn over a page

I found the calm stream

I dance for you like a dervish

Rivers of light I pour upon

In the book of God's dreams

You had a transparent finger

He who sees oil

I reached page forty

While waiting for you

A shadow of death

And it came to pass

It is told the eminently rich

In the book of God's dreams, page xx

Page xii is vocalised

By the fig-tree

The reflection of the tiny star

I abstained from sex

If I concentrate in the remaining

And so the growing howls

And I'm sitting on the roof

I'll rejoice in one sunbeam

In the garden you planted

Here especially to pack

And the first time I saw

Fluted sounds cut the air

It is unclear to find a letter

Loved like devoted doves

A piece of cloth to absorb

Number 360 I want to

In several places within

The details of the landscape

Skip over the crests

I saw a dream of worship

I read in an ancient book

Say it otherwise

The orange exploded

From a calendar I think

The bird explodes with joy

I shall crack my skull